Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March 3

Yesterday was many things.

Messy, sparkly, soapy, slippery, sticky....

We checked on our uv beads again. Remember a few months (under the Winter sun) when they barely changed color?
This time they changed to super-bright in less than five seconds!
We made a few crystal concoctions...
We experimented with borax in this one instead of washing soda, and stalagtites and stalagmites will not form. (Just the usual borax crystals.) Next time with washing soda.

We've never done the bluing crystal garden before. Strange how they are foamy and very, very cold.
Somehow, I don't think this exactly what is supposed to happen. (that they grow on the outer rim of the pot instead of the brick.) On the plus side, they start forming pretty quickly - a few hours.

Our other ones from a few weeks ago never really did anything great.They're pretty and sparkly, but didn't really grow.
I'm not sure why. Maybe we'll try once more.

Trev did lots of dinosaur studying

and we played outside in the sun

with bubbles
and tarand experimented to see if we put a bit of water and bubbles on the tramp if we could jump to make bubbles

and watched the same Thomas song over and over again

and then of course got out the tracks


I'm not sure what today holds.

It's already warm and inviting and s'posed to improve from here, so....


  1. Cool!

    Where do you get the uv beads? I think the attachlings would love that.

    Oh I have so many things planned for them once we get out of this apt!!

  2. Tar?
    Love the bubbles. Can't believe how warm and sunny it looks there. We have icy cold rain at the moment :-(

  3. Sam - it's the borax/glue slime with black food coloring. :) (I should have linked before.)

  4. Mary - they came in a color kit of ours, but just look for "solar beads".
    I think maybe even Michael's or somewhere would have them?

  5. What an exciting day you had! I know Steve Spangler (on the web) has these beads. They gave me some for free when I ordered from them.

  6. Thanks Stephanie :-) We've got to try that!

  7. We make that borax/glue slime at least every other weekend. Somehow I think Elmer had other ideas in mind. ;) It seems that's everyone's making crystals lately. We'll have to get in on that action.

  8. The tar is brillant! My oldest will love it! I'm a little jealous by your weather too....Ohio is not quite there! Friday is supposed to be good though! Love the beautiful crystals!

  9. Love the crystals! That used to be one of my favorite things to do when I was little.

    I'm definitely going to have to try out the tar. My boys will love it, I'm sure!

  10. The key to growing big crystals is to use a 'seed' crystal. Grow a set of crystals, pick the biggest couple, attach them to a clean string or pipe cleaner.

    Be sure you wash your glass containers in super hot water until they are squeaky clean (analytically clean) or else the crystals will form on sediments.

    The bluing crystals are a pain in the butt. If you grease the pan first you will get fewer growing on the pan. Try using a charcoal briquet (more porous) instead of a brick. It works better.

    Washing soda crystals, especially, need the seed crystal technique or else you will be left with a bowl of teeny, tiny, needles.

  11. Thanks, Katya!
    They said they're supposed to drip, and form stalactites and stalagmites.
    Obviously, that doesn't work with borax!


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