Thursday, March 19, 2009

march 19

Today started out in a science-y sort of way. Naturally-- it is the equinox tomorrow, after all.

We began our day with two books - What Makes Day and Night and Sunshine Makes the Seasons.

We were looking for a bit more understanding, and a search led us to Bill Nye videos.
On the seasons, of course.

And then we watched a video on balancing an egg. Turns out, it doesn't have to be the equinox, after all. It's exhausting work any old time.

Bill Nye love grows further (Mama has a suspicion that Bill might be carrying us for a few days), with dinosaur videos.

And a footstep experiment. Hopping, walking on all fours, running, and walking upright. Different shapes, different sizes, different patterns, and different lengths in stride. Cool.

Maddie keeps the earth close, spinning and rotating it.
Making fossils.
Dinosaur Hunter for One
and Thomas Songs for the Other.

Bill Nye again.

"Bud, whatcha doin'? We need to get cleaned up so we can go." We have errands to do. Tomorrow is a big day.
"Okay - wait. I'm covering up these dinosaurs with the sand." he answered. Just like they were covered by ash, mud, sand, and volcanic lava, don't you know.
"Yeah, so we can make fossils," finished his sister.

home again home again
jiggety jig

- to watermelon,
and Bill Nye. :)

That'll do it for us today.


  1. Bill Nye is on YouTube? Man, why didn't I know that already??!!!I heart Bill Nye so much.

  2. Bill Nye rocks!!

    The fossils look like fun.

  3. Love Bill Nye!

    Can't wait to see what you have planned for the equinox.


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