Tuesday, March 17, 2009

march 17

First thing this morning we had to get our shoes ready to walk out the door.And all the way to Africa.

Yesterday when we started walking to the park we spied a couple of people wandering our neighborhood with a flyer attached to a plastic bag, asking for shoes by 9am this morning.
It turned out to be a request by Green Eyes In Africa, and something we are very pleased to be a part of. As a young family we have done hardly any charity work, and this was something we could do (and were almost ready for, thanks to all that spring cleaning), and something we can feel very good about.
So we checked for Yaounde, Cameroon, on the globe, and checked out what we could about the orphanage.

We finished up our ABC's.

We took the Ranger Rick Pledge.

We got our toes sandy
nestled grubs in grubby little hands
and read lots of books while lying in the sun.
Nature books... naturally.

Trev went adventuring with a friend

while Mama and Maddie admired him from afar by making up a batch of his favorite no-bake-cookies.

We surely languished during the last while without Daddy
but still managed to

feed the birds

water the babies and tuck them in for the night

smudge our faces even more with chocolate

and console ourselves with bubbles.
A wonderful and gritty day.
It's 5:47
and All is Well.

'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. OK. The shoe thing ROCKS!. I'm signin up.
    And while I'm barefoot...I WANNA DIG MY TOES INTO FRESHLY TURNED MOIST COOL SOIL AND PLANT STUFF!!!!!!!!! OK. screaming done.

  2. What a fun day! I love the photo of the shoes. :)

  3. Yipeeee... dirt and bugs and grubs and slugs!!

    Today me thinks we will try our hand at flying a kite ..


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