Tuesday, March 03, 2009

five alive: give away

My bloggy friend Mama P has come up with (or maybe it wasn't her idea, I'm not certain) an idea that she'll make gifts for the first five folks who leave comments on her blog. (You're too late, five is gone.)

In order to play, you must agree to make five gifts for others.

I finally decided that I/we can do that.

So!, The Rules:
No guarantees that you will like your gift.
Your gift will be created just for you.
It'll be a surprise - ie, I don't have to tell you what it is if'n I don't wanna (though I'm horrible at keeping my own surprises, so....).
You agree to make five tailored gifts for others, as well.
Postage, if outside the country (in my case the U.S.) has to be affordable.

Obviously, also, you'll have to trust me enough to give me your address ([grin] or your neighbor's address), and to not poison you in any way.

I'm not restricting to the first five, as most reasonable people are not sitting at the kitchen table with the laptop at 9:03 am. I shouldn't be either, but at least I've began my spring chores, and I am sitting next to an open window! :)

We'll do a drawing, of some sort. Might be one out of a hat, another if Maddie likes your name, or whatever else we come up with. :) We'll do our best to be fair.

We'll close it..... Wednesday (tomorrow) at 2pm, Mountain Standard Time. (why not?)

Looking forward to it!


  1. You know I'm in! I did the same on my blog a few weeks ago! So much fun!

  2. What a fun idea!
    Of course I'll trust you with my address, selected or not. :D

    I must think on this a bit and see if I can muster the gifts/energy for 5 giveaways myself. :P


  3. Okay I am pretty big ol pregnant and tired but I am in. Your blog is so fun.

  4. Count me in please. I have no qualms about giving you my address. :)

    I just added this same contest on my blog today (if you should want to comment there)!


  5. Just found your blog and I love it. What a great idea. . .count me in!

  6. Ok, if I'm not too far away, I'm in too. I've had to check that I could think of 5 possible gifts first - just in case ;-)

    It's a great idea - spreading a bit of homemade love around the world.

  7. Oh, fun. Put my name in the hat. Use "nettlejuice" instead of "april", I think that's luckier.

  8. I think it's a really sweet idea! I wish I could commit to passing on five gifts right now, but I can't so leave me out. Still, it's a lovely idea.


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