Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feeding Butterflies

Butterflies love nectar.
While we have a butterfly garden, and take care to invite them to feed, rest, and play in our little corner of the world, we don't have a lot of nectar to offer in the earliest stages of spring.
So today we made some.
You'll need a plastic lid, very ripe (and juicy) fruit, a hole punch or something to pierce your lid, paper or artificial flowers, tape or glue, and string.
First pierce your lid on four sides.
Cut four lengths of string - 14 inches or so.
Thread your string through the holes of your lid, and tie it (near the end of the string).

Draw and cut out your flowers, if you're using paper.
To put the flowers on, I held the strings upright (tied together) and the children glued them on, one on the front and back of the string. You could also lay your strings (not tied together yet) onto the table, and glue or tape your flowers on that way, making sure to leave plenty of string at the end for tying together and hanging.

If you laid out your string for attaching flowers, tie them together at the top, making sure to balance the lid as best you can.

Add your luscious (overripe) fruits.
Hang your treats somewhere your butterfly friends will be sure to see them.
Somewhere near shelter from the wind is nice - we hung ours in our baby cherry tree... butterflies love cherry trees!

This idea comes from the Young Science Explorers newsletter.


  1. Great idea! Hopefully I can find a spot with enough shelter from the wind!!

  2. Cool idea. Any winged visitors yet?

  3. It's verra cold and breezy today, so I doubt we'll get any today.
    We'll probably bring them inside, and put them out again after the week long rain and snow cycle.

  4. What a great idea!

    One thing I do want to plant this year is some more butterfly loving plants. Of course they wouldn't be blooming right now anyway, so we'll have to do your project for the butterflies emerging in the early spring.

  5. Wonderful! I just may give this a try.Not sure if we can compete with all of the flowers that are already blooming here, but we can keep our fingers crossed, right?
    Any tips for keeping ants away?

  6. Theresa - Yup.
    Don't hang it near the house!


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