Saturday, March 28, 2009

an earthy sort of day

We're not using lights today (until after 9:30) so I'm waiting for enough light to clean by. :)

Thought I'd share ideas that I've seen or considered in honor of Earth Hour.

Denise and her boys have decorated beeswax candles

Tara's family is roasting marshmallows and celebrating with s'mores.

Joy is calling for family game night... by candlelight.

Julie's family is turning off the electricity all day.

I am considering going up to the foothills (which is not very far away) and taking pictures of our valley during Earth Hour. How I'd love to be there from 8:25 or so and see lights going off!

Star gazing
constellation study
planting seeds in the garden
planting seeds in trays
nature crafts
and nature explorations are all on my mind today.

Wanna share your ideas?

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  1. We borrowed Tara's idea and roasted marshmallows as well as playing games. Great fun! I hope your family enjoyed Earth Hour as well.


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