Saturday, February 07, 2009

Valentine Keepsake

Just a little more sweetness to be added to the Valentine season.

We used plastic disposable plates (which we'll later reuse), plaster of paris, red and pink acrylic paint, a straw, and ribbon.

Make your plaster of paris. We found that two cups plaster to one cup cold water was enough for two plaques.

Pour your wet plaster into your mold. (Lining something with plastic grocery bags will protect your frame.)

When it first starts to set, put a cut piece of straw in the top of your frame, to make holes for hanging.
When your plaster is firm, twist and lift the straws to release them.

When it's dry, it's ready for handprints.

We painted paint on the babes' hands, and carefully left a mark on the plaque - wrist side near the hole, angling the hand toward the bottom center.

We washed, and painted the other hand a different color, and left the print, with the wrist near the other hole, angling toward the bottom of the heart.

Wait for it to dry, and add your trim.

We stamped the edge of one with a red stamp pad, and left the other.

So sweet!

This idea was inspired by Handy Valentine Card at My Little Gems.


  1. That is so sweet. I love this idea. Oh so beautiful. Thanks for sharing that..xx

  2. So very sweet. And it looks like such fun to create.

  3. let me tell you that this is even cuter in person.
    one wouldn't think that it could be possible, but it is.

  4. I love this. It would be a great valentine for distant grandparents. Thanks :-)


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