Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Uh....... Just push the "Reset" button.

Today we did just that.

It started with relieving the little desk in the livingroom from it's thousands of pounds of paper. Junk mail, old bills, catalogs, old bills - and hundreds (it seems) of unwanted credit card applications. (And hundreds of unwanted old bills, for that matter.)
Bills paid. And gone. Not only as in "left the building", but also "left the planet". Yup.
I love releasing them.
(We don't burn the recyclables, of course. No pertinent info.)

Just when Little Son is convinced that his happiness resides in watching Cartoon Network and only Cartoon Network and playing CN Games and only CN games (more on that tomorrow), he has completed a new level of Spore. Yup - he's evolved. He now has a tribe. They communicate, and build, and do many other things that I'm sure I'll find out about over the next few days.

We refreshed our city library membership. (Which means I paid off a long overdue balance. Yup, another one. One for county, one for city. Both paid.)

We reset this.And reacquainted ourselves a bit. With flips.

Now gentle Clifford is on the tellie, and a pot of Reset (herbs for friendship, healing, purification, protection, prosperity) is bubbling on the stove and wafting goodliness throughout our home.

We are Reset.
Refreshed and renewed.

It's a lovely place to be, I must say.


  1. Oh wow, sounds like you have it all sorted...lovely..xx

  2. Funny I was on the same page. Shedding, returning overdue books to the library and enjoying lots of snow. Could you post your recipe for the reset pot. That was missing from my day. BTW enjoying the daily update... avid reader.


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