Monday, February 16, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

On Monday again.

This first one made me smile. I do not know who played with these switches long enough to be compelled to balance them perfectly in the middle (it's hard to do). I suspect it was Maddie.

(I know who did this. Maddie and Soleil think it's a fun game to take out four or five double-rows of books on my shelves and litter the floor with them. This is the result of their clean-up. Still.)

See Sarah to play!


  1. Books are entertaining whether they are read or used to hold blankets firmly in place when you build a fort. Glad your kids value books too! :-)

  2. Mine take all the cans off the kitchen shelves to build with. They haven't tried books yet.

  3. Melody - we did that as children, too. :)
    With heavy encyclopedias.
    And also used my softball trophies.

    Both inevitably ended up konking us on the head numerous times!

  4. M -
    (I'm pondering which is worse.)



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