Friday, February 13, 2009


I asked Little Son if he'd like to make lollipops. Or hard candy. Something.
(He's very interested in Chemistry Experiments That You Can Eat.)

He was!
After a conversation with my friend Julie the other day, I remembered to look a few minutes ago at all my flavorings. (I have no idea why I didn't check on these before I bought them. I check everything!, unless I know I've checked it before.)

Number one ingredient... propylene glycol. Less than 6% of everything else. (artificial flavors.)
The stuff they use to make anti-freeze.
I don't use cosmetics (well, shampoos and creams-- I'm not a Cosmetics kind of girl) that contain propylene glycol.

I tasted the cinnamon extract I bought a few days ago.
Nasty. (McCormick's.) You can taste the nastiness.

No thanks.

We're opting for oatmeal cookies.


  1. My sister brought up some ice cream and when I got looking it had the same thing in it. Nasty.

  2. Isn't it just whacky what they dump in our foods? And they wonder why Cancer is on the rise... Snort.. Good on you for checking.-K

  3. Melissia - on the b&c one (white label with black letters), that I also got at Orson Gygi, it doesn't even list the ingredients, but says "....approved for use in a regulation of the fda, or in a reliable published, industry list. It also contains propylene glycol, alcohol."
    niiiiice. (not the alcohol part - i know that lots are extracted with alcohol.)

    fda approved is a biiiiig assurance.
    [rolls eyes]

  4. I guess we have to be thankful that they are truthful about the labeling in regards to the flavors.

    Wonder what's in all the "fresh" non-organic fruits and vegetables that are in the store? They don't have to list all the pesticides that were sprayed on the vegetable. I was just reading that with pre-washed lettuce, that they wash it in chlorine and then it's put into the MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) which is then filled with carbon dioxide so the lettuce still looks fresh even after a month! Hey, it might not have any vitamins or minerals left by that time, but it looks fresh!


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