Saturday, February 14, 2009


A couple of thoughts about this space.
And that is how I think of it... as an entity. Not an afterthought, but also a part of our lives. OLM is our story, but it's also a part of our story.
And it's a personal interest of mine.

In the very beginning of olm (I always call it o.l.m. in my head) I recognized that I couldn't bear to have my children grow up while I wasn't looking.
And I had a desire to provide them with a childhood full of magic.
The intention to bring special and extraordinary into our everyday days was born. To transform "special" and occasional Life Magic into "ordinary" and every day Life Magic.

Somewhere along the way (mayhaps because others supposed this had always been the intent) it evolved to "ordinary life" magic. Which is fine, too. The meaning of the word "appreciate" means "to make greater than", and certainly I am romantic enough to know that appreciating one's life brings one much joy. If I'm the only one that views our life as 'special', that's okay by me. 'Tis as it should be. Every one's life should be 'special' to one's Self.

Always in these writings I have aimed for recognition of the magic. The growing, the celebrating, the funnies, the love, the realizations, the rites of passage... the Every Moment.

There is no way to capture everything.
I have no way of knowing if my child learns more (long-lasting) from rolling a car around while lying across the kitchen floor, watching a cartoon, tromping in the woods with a stick in hand, or a casual conversation.
It's impossible for me to judge and grade each experience in our days for substance and effect.
Nor do I wish to.

But here we are with a collection of stories. And intentions. And pictures of living and growing.
Some days life is explored with our hands. Some days with our feet. Some days our thoughts and questions are best expressed by our individual spirits. And some days our hearts alone lead the way.
Some writings are just pictures of moments.
Some days we give ideas.
And some days the story is mumbled and grunted.

The style and tone of our stories are different everyday, just as the happenings themselves are.
We don't hold up our days as complaints or exemplary models, and we don't mean to impress or imply.

These are tales of What Is, as best this Mama can do the telling.
Subject to contemplation by the one's living the stories, and the ones reading the tales.

They're just our Stories.


  1. And I love these stories. I love your blog. It inspires and motivates me in so many ways. It is a treasure. It is like your favorite book, that you never want it to end. Well, this is one of my faves, and it gives me more tales everyday!-K

  2. [chuckle] You're very sweet, K.

    I don't know why I felt the need to explain. I think it was/is that I wanted to express that it's not a "we did this" list for me, but a pleasant part of my life.
    You can't devote lots of time and love to something and not have it be important to you, you know?

  3. I know. I often wonder if my blog looks like a " come, look how much cool crap we do". But for me. It's my evolving journey, and a digi scrap for my wee folk. and a place for me to look at and say, things are great on a day that I may need to hear that. I see yours a the same. Although, I am always saying. "look at how much cool crap they do at OLM!" xoxo-K

  4. :)
    Yup. Sometimes to the moon and back with a perfect picnic along the way,
    and other days pictures of seven different colors of lemonade.

  5. And very magical and special they are! I love reading your blog and thank you for continuing to inspire!

  6. I love your stories, and they are completely magical to me. How many of us (me!) lose sight of the important NOW while looking for the spectacular MAGIC? I love that you find the magic in the ordinary, and love reading all about it. You have a very calming 'voice' in here and I appreciate it. It helps me find all my ordinary magic, too!

  7. This is such a great description of what happens when we write and reflect on our experiences with family and children. We do recognize the magic more often and take the snapshots to share and jot down the notes. I've been reflecting on my reasons for blogging recently too and I feel the same as you. So nice to find your blog! And I love the name you chose - OLM.


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