Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mary, Mary

Mary, Mary

Quite contrary...

How does your Garden grow?

With silver bells

and cockle shells

and pretty maids

all in a row.


  1. Oh, was that little compost flash for me? ;)

    You must have an earlier last frost. Lovely! What are you growing? We don't start seeds for a bit longer (pretty late frost date), but getting very, very close.

  2. It was, actually!!
    Not pretty to anyone but me. :)
    (certainly no hoa presidents.)

    We're in 5B, sometimes last frost date is may 1, but officially it's May 15th.

  3. Awesome! I love these elements-of-the-garden images.

  4. BTW, where do you get your seeds from?

  5. April -
    I was planning on ordering from somewhere, but it's late and I was feeling a little panicky about that - like "now's the time everyone is ordering and they won't be here for six weeks" sort of thing.
    I was also nervous about buying from someone related (business or otherwise) to Monsanto.

    Then, at whole foods they had a seed section up, and the bio on the "family owned business" display looked okay.
    I brought them home, and looked them up online, and it said they had "recently enthusiastically signed the safe seed pledge", so I'm feeling pretty alright with it.

    I'm thinking maybe whole foods is carrying them everywhere?

    Botanical Interests is the name.

  6. Nice garden start I am jealous! As a Texas transplant living in NY my growing clock starts ticking about this time of year, but I still have a couple months before I can germinate anything and put it in. Enjoy the green! We will be getting 26 little chicks soon though with hopes for eggs this summer.

  7. Oh... neat post and another kick in the pants for me finally to start a garden this year. Thanks for the seed tip, too.

  8. I cannot wait to start our seeds. We cannot start them until we finish painting the living room & dining room. It is the only spot we have to store everything.

    I am going to start sketching out my garden beds this week. I am soo excited. :)


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