Monday, February 23, 2009

mad face

for the Babybook Pages
classic Maddie Mad Face.

"Can I take a picture of your Mad Face, Madd?"
long-suffering sigh. "I guess."

(Just so's we don't ever forget.)


  1. I love the mad faces. Sometimes it's so hard to keep a straight face myself and take the situation seriously because their mad faces are so darn adorable.

  2. Mad, but still cute :-)

  3. She does Mad so well. They're cute pictures :)

  4. oh, that makes me giggle :)

  5. Darling. Madd's mad face would make it hard to take her mad seriously. Mad props.

  6. She knows we love it so.
    Knows it so well that she was willing to hold it while I ran to fetch my camera.
    And then Daddy had her do it later for him in person...
    "Okay, I will. But really I'm Happy, still."

  7. Oh my, I wouldn't want that look shot at me! LOL!!! She is adoreable! :)

  8. thanks for the smile this morning... your daughter is adorable mad . . . my dd also has an adorable mad face that I ask her to do for me time and time again. . .thanks for the reminder to capture these precious moments too!


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