Saturday, February 14, 2009

love day Love and Six

Let me just tell you about Today's Love.
It's very exciting!!! I'm sure you'll agree.

Mama and Daddy tracked down the old (but working) vcr, and hooked it up to the little tellie so's the babes can again watch all our vhs tapes. (Some Great Mystery happened upon the vcr part of the dvd combo.)
So Prehistoric Park is the present Love Of The Day.

The other Love is sleeping next to me... most of the time with her head wedged snuggled under my right elbow.

Isn't that Fascinating.

* * *

Now on with even more shiny news....

Amber of The Nutrients of Life tagged me for the six/six game.
You open up the sixth folder in Pictures, and write the story belonging to the sixth photo.

(are you intrigued, yet?)
Here we go......



....It's a sloth.

From the zoo.

Last summer.


Hanging upside down.


He was eating.

[smiles, now.]
I photo-shopped a strap out of the picture.

There. The End.

And now.... here are my people. People that will hopefully live up to my standard of story-telling.

Lisa (of 5 Orange Potatoes)
Jen at Raising Lovies

* * *
Now I'm going to get on with my slothy-self Love night.
With a honey at work, a still sleeping! babe, and prob'ly some sort of dino love.


  1. Prehistoric Park is a love around here as well ;)

  2. Oh the sloth. Thanks for playing. xxx

  3. I've done a 6/6 picture. It's truly fascinating and you should dash over to have a look ;-)


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