Wednesday, February 18, 2009

kitchen table shelves

We have this problem area.
Actually-- we have two problem areas.
(Friends who come to visit are no doubt nodding their heads in agreement already, lol.)

One is the top of our stairs. And on the stairs. (Making for a Most Treacherous Descent.)

The second (according to Eric and I) is the end of our kitchen counter. Where lies Things That Need To Be Taken Downstairs and Things We Are Working On And Which Have No Place To Go.

Which is also related to Problem #1, because Things That Live On The Stairs also need to be taken downstairs, but are not taken down in a timely manner because we aren't necessarily quite done with them. And once we've taken them downstairs, we forget about them. We don't do much living down there-- there's only Mama's quiet room and the rumpus room downstairs. (For the full explanation.)

But downstairs is where most things live when they're not in transition and in often use in 'the learning cupboard' in the livingroom.

So what to do?
Expand, of course.

We have this pretty wide hallway connecting the back of the house to the front of the house.
It's a white brick wall, and where I plan to hang portraits and artworks. (But haven't, because it's brick. Nails in brick is a bit of a problem.)
It's blank... and it's big.
And it's right next to the kitchen.


All the library books (a whole shelf for library books), crystals-in-the-making, moon sand, stamps and scalloped scissors, scrap paper, play dough, wooden track, science kits currently-in-use.

Problem solved.

Now let's talk about that wood crafty folding table for the den that Mama'd like from Ikea....

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