Thursday, February 26, 2009

in a moment

It seemed that everything happened in the Very Same Moment today.

this brilliant (and so charming) idea comes from Lee. or maybe it was his lovely wife Julie.

the official Maypole was found and claimed.

Mama's new garden gloves were broken in. thoroughly.

the compost was relocated and turned.
(as this fenced garden grows again in size this year.)

what a glorious Moment it was.


  1. That maypole picture is brilliant - it looks like the giant's beanstalk, the way it's curling into the clouds in a shrinking spiral.

  2. Your photography skills are amazing! Great eye for things!

  3. Looks similar around here:)

    The clogs on the fence was Lee's doing btw. I got lots more done today outside, like you said, how can we be inside a building on a day like today? I think the rains are comin' tomorrow. Love the fire, perfect evening for it.

    Deciding on dinner as we speak (hence me being online, supposed to be finding a recipe), Lee wants to grill:)

    See ya soon!

  4. Sarah -
    It does look like jack and the beanstalk!
    Like it goes right up to the sky!

    :) thanks for pointing that out.

  5. Can't wait to get outside and begin mucking about in the dirt... preparing the garden. Your kids look like they thoroughly enjoy it :)

  6. Wow! That maypole is fabulous! It looks like a glorious moment, indeed.

  7. We're still waiting for the weather to break here, but I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands in the soil.

  8. What s fantastic 'very same moment'. Your pictures are wonderful.

  9. You have a great blog, I love the photos! Isn't it great to get out there and work the ground again? We have to wait a while yet, it snowed another 7 inches here in Wisconsin last night. :-(

    Thanks for stopping the my blog. I'll be back here for sure. :-)


  10. Oh, I am loving the sweet little feet photos!

    My oldest is always asking, "Why are you taking pictures of our feet again?" and my response of course, "They're just so cute, I can hardly stand it!" Which he then gets embarrassed by.. ha!

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. :) I finally broke down and took some sinus medicine today which tends to make me feel completely whacked out (kinda like a like a zombie on speed) but it did seem to help a little! I hope you get feeling better as well.

  11. What a wonderful (and productive) day!

    That maypole is straight out of a fairy tale or Dr. Seuss- i love it!


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