Monday, February 23, 2009


Trevelyn has had this idea that he wants to put in a Special Request to the Zoo Tycoon folks.

He has a list as long as his arm of creatures he'd like them to include.

After a pretty serious but joyful discussion (during which we talked about the matter of the ZT folks needing to learn as much as Trev -research- about prehistoric life, -- which he'll fill them in on so they don't have to study for years; and the fact that animation -even computer animation- takes years to film, as they have to create, take a picture, move, create, picture; etc, etc.)
...The solution that Trev came up with was:
To be an inventor of a Time Machine (long time ambition of his) and also to be an Inventor of Games-- that way, he can grow up, invent the game for himself, and travel back in time to give himself the exact game he wants while he's still a kid.

I told him, "In that case, maybe you'll show up any day with the game for yourself...."


  1. I love that idea - so cool! Crossing fingers that the future Trev arrives soon :-D

  2. What an awesome mom you are to keep that element of possiblity alive. They are lucky kids!


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