Thursday, February 05, 2009

I <3 Hearts

We added a bit of Love to our home today.

It only takes an iron, crayon shavings, wax paper, newspaper or craft paper, and thread.

First we laid a towel on our kitchen table to protect it from the iron.
Not sure where the ironing board is. (Happily.)

Then we laid down half of a split brown paper bag.

Then a long pice - 2 1/2 feet, probably- of wax paper, folded it in half, and then opened it again.

On the nearest half's side, we started making shavings.
Then distributed the colors on half of the sheet as we saw fit.

After folding your second half back over the first, fold up the other three edges of paper just a bit to make a rim so your melted crayons don't run outside your paper.

Place another piece of protection (brown paper) over your wax paper, and give your your papers a few seconds under your (very dusty! - again, Happily!) iron.* * *
Now you have a gorgeous creation to admire in the sunlight.

Cut it into hearts.

To string them, I found the best way for me was to poke about a yard's length of thread through my bottom heart, tie it in a double knot in it, leave some room for the next one, poke the needle through, tie in a single knot, leave space, string up the next one and tie a single knot, etc.

Lovely, to be sure.

This one comes from Martha.


  1. So, so, lovely indeed!

  2. Oh, wow, I love the heart mobile. I'm usually a bit of abah humbug person when it comes to valentine's day....... but you've inspired me to celebrate the love in my little family.


  3. We don't usually celebrate it, either.
    But I'm loving all the color and crafts with the babes!
    It's so nice to bring in a little cheerful reds and pinks to twist and turn about, twinkling love through the room. :)

  4. i love these...what beautiful colour for your window

  5. I so love these hearts!! Off to try them now. :)

  6. These are so beautiful! And the heart doilies really add to it. Crayon shaving projects like this were always a fave of mine when I little- brings back such great memories!

  7. Beautiful! I love the finished effect sooo much!

  8. Oh lovely. I've been looking for something like this. I know what we'll be doing today.

  9. We did something like this for Solstice, using oranges, reds and yellows for suns. It was pretty. I love both the pink/red hearts and the flowers you did. Definitely brings some needed color into the late winter. Gorgeous!

  10. I love these! And will be doing them whether the kids want to or not:)


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