Thursday, February 05, 2009

First Flowers

While I was making the hearts, I knew that my kitchen window was going to be getting its own bit of goodliness today.

A little pizazz in my blue-and-white kitchen.

Same as hearts - you'll only need wax paper, crayon shavings, craft paper or newspaper, and thread.

First lay down one sheet of your your heavy paper to protect your work surface (with a towel at the very bottom if you're working on a table).

Next lay a long piece - 2 1/2 feet, probably- of wax paper, fold it in half, and then open it again
On the nearest half's side, start making or laying shavings.
After folding your second half back over the first, fold up the other three edges of paper just a bit to make a rim so your melted crayons don't run outside your paper.
Place another piece of protection (brown paper or newspaper) over your wax paper, and give your your papers just a few seconds under your iron.

Now you have a gorgeous creation to admire in the sunlight.

Make your flower templates and circles for centers. I made two different flower shapes.
Cut out your flower and center shapes, then place them together back between your sheets of craft paper and run your iron over them to adhere (melt) the center to the flower.

String them however you like - I found a needle and thread, poked through about an half an inch away from the edge of the flower to work very well.

Hang your pretties in your window.

Enjoy the cheerfulness!


  1. Those are a lovely idea. I am wanting some spring... those could just do the trick.
    Thanks for the idea.

  2. Very sweet. Love how the light works through them.

  3. I'm really wishing we had some regular crayons now. I just might have to go out and get some.

  4. So lovely...we will definitely try this at our house. Thank you!

  5. Oh what a neat idea. Thanks for sharing this project -- in both heart and flower form. The pictures on your blog are wonderful.


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