Monday, February 09, 2009

February 9

Yesterday Maddie and I did a couple of things that we'd like to share today.

One is... we are growing crystals!

Our second project we'd like to share is stained glass.
After viewing her art in the kitchen window, Maddie pronounced "I didn't make yellow for the sun!"
I asked if she'd like to do another, and she replied that she would today, "When Soleil is here."

We checked on our crystalsand played with tranquilizer guns for sharks
and tarpoons
and giant squid cages
and built submarines
and under water rovers.

Which means chaos. Happy chaos, of course.

including Zoo Tycoon

research (reading about prehistory while watching prehistory films)
jumping on the trampoline

play for the boys
we checked on our crystals again
Daddy comes home from skiing!

There have been movies and laughs and cartoons and hyper-dash and kitchen play and making dinosaur chicks out of play-dough.

We've been to the library for a bit of juice and one of us made a Valentine card.
We have plans for supper, and games or a movie...
and that will probably be it for us tonight.

Tomorrow, then.


  1. Do you ever go to Hannah and I watched a movie on there last night about dinosaurs in S. America - did you know that was where the largest dinosaurs lived? I think it was called 'Dinosaurs of Patagonia'. Trev's probably already seen it, but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case. I thought it would be too dry for Hannah, but she watched all forty minutes of it.

  2. Sarah - we have seen it! A couple of times. Our planetarium keeps us up on such films, thankfully. Which is why we're so eager to support them with buying memberships! :)

    We have not seen
    I'll be eager to check it out with Trevy tomorrow. Thanks!


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