Saturday, February 07, 2009

February 7

We started these yesterday. Little Friends were over while their Mama was at a meeting.
So I invited them to craft cards for whomever they chose.
Little Son made four! Three of the heart ones, and painted another.
I'm crazy about this heart handprint card. It comes from My Little Gems.

Today Trev is working on finishing them up! (Here he adds the drawn lacy trim.)
When we went to the library the other day Trev got like fifteen dinosaur books (we already had another fifteen from the county library). I sighed a bit over it, as I didn't want to keep track of that many books that I doubted would get read. So Many, after all.Not to worry. I'm pretty sure they've all been read at least once. Maybe even every day.

Being so in love with the handprint cards was the inspiration to make a permanent keepsake.
The children were agreeable.

And Beethoven (the movies) and a trip to the store with Daddy and tag and chase and cartoons and jumping and puzzles and play dough"Madd, are you done with the play dough?"
"No. Actually... yes."
"Okay, I'll put it away..."
"No, you count, and I'll put it away."
"Okay, do you want me to count by ones or twos?"

And cookies. Because... you know. It's been at least a couple of days.
Maddie prepares

"Mom," invites Maddie, "what means a yawn?"
"Uh, I think it has to do with the brain needing oxygen... I'm not sure. Want me to look it up?"
"Yeah. Right now."
"Hang on... let me get these cookies ready for the oven..."

Trev counts down the seconds with the clock timer.

It looks like that's about it for us-- I gotta go pour three glasses of extra cold milk and find out if they'll taste best with a movie or story books....


  1. Thanks!!! I have been looking for a craft idea for the plaster of paris we have had in the cupboard for ages:-)
    The perfect idea for Emily and her best friends to do at her birthday sleepover party on Valentines day as a momento of the day and their friendship.xx

  2. I've got a dinosaur fanatic too. I never thought I would know so much about dinosaurs, but after two years and about a hundred and some books I've got a pretty good working knowledge. Now, as Rainer moves into his seventh year, this interest is blossoming into a general study of natural history. How exciting.

    BTW, thanks for all the crafty inspiration!

  3. Learning about the Permian, Devonian, Ordovican... and the evolution of plants and about choanaflagellates....
    It's wonderful. :)


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