Wednesday, February 04, 2009

February 4

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I had an idea of the Planetarium drift through my head. I was wondering if new films were up yet. They rotate a few of them about every six weeks or so. And -- our membership was about to expire.
Somehow I remembered that thought this morning upon waking.
And wondered if Trev would be interested.
I checked online, and saw Fly Me To The Moon. Playing for just one more week.

Now to talk with Trev. Hmmmm.....

As it turned out he was willing to listen to my pitch. He usually is up for adventure, but I wasn't certain, as we had had our recent conversation.

So I presented my ideas to The Committee.
And they passed.

First downtown to retrieve my library card from Daddy's wallet.
We watched for gargoyles.
To lunch!, then.
Spaghetti Factory.


To the Big City Library. (We have pet names for all of our usual libraries.)
Which we had planned to scale and conquer, but were shut down due to it being winter, and the roof being closed to visitors. Ah, well.
We managed fair enough regardless.And came out to with mucho booty.

To the theater!!Where we saw interesting things along things along the way.
It turns out our membership had expired, so what were we to do, but renew it again? Psh. It's not like we won't use it.We Loved Our Movie. I mean, really, really loved it. Awesome, all three of us say.
A couple of times this Mama was brought to tears. (For the locals - if you wanna see it, you have thru the 12th, and then comes Under the Sea 3D.)

Across the street and down a few steps, to the children's museum.
Where we met a huge school group. If it's one thing homeschooler's don't like, it's crowds. :) We feel downright resentful when we go somewhere in the middle of the day, only to find it occupied by Others. We try to be tolerant, but still. You know. Some of us get twitchy at such times.

To play! To play! They eventually left (about an hour after we got there), and we were able to breathe easily.

We had planned to go to Daddy's work for dinner (may as well just make a whoooole day of it) but on the way out, Madd had to pee for the 11th time (I am not exaggerating) and it turned out that she peed all over my leg.
Sigh. Oh - I already said that. Again, then.
So we picked up Daddy at work, and brought him home with us.

Trev is back in the den cackling, watching a Beethoven movie.
Madd is somewhere nearby to him, probably thinking about laying down and passing out.
Daddy is in the shower, and Mama is wondering if since she has changed her pants if she can just call it good for the night, or if enough will can be found for making it that way herself.

Regardless, I'm pretty sure that's it for us tonight.
We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a glorious day. Hearing you describe days like this make me wish we lived closer to a big city.

    I was cracking up at Trev's feet in the air at the restaurant. We have one like that.

  2. Oh, yes, we get twitchy when we go somewhere to find 150 kids in matching t-shirts being herded by a shrieking woman. Hee hee.

    We saw that movie recently on DVD...I bet it was fun in 3-D! :)

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun!
    Funny, we have pet names for our different libraries, too.
    Haha, do all homeschoolers feel that way about Others?

  4. Flo -
    Oh, I sounded like an ass, didn't I?

    What I mean is... we are so spoiled! We go to the skating rink in the middle of the day, when there's only one person there manning the door, and we don't get told "wait your turn!" and get the whistle blown at us for climbing UP the slide.
    We get the park playgrounds to ourselves, and same thing.

    We get the children's museum to ourselves, and there's no one expecting us to Walk In A Single File. You know?
    You get used to that sort of freedom! :)


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