Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23

Today was s'posed to be an 'indoor' day -- so much to do!
Even though it's only February (and supposed to be winter-y, still) the Spring Lists of Must Do are growing by the second, it seems.
In time with The Buds, friends. We discovered another round today, if you can believe it.

The babes started talking Swimming Pools and Movie Stars today.
Okay, that's not true but they started talking Swimming Pools and Watermelon.
(that's what happens when it reaches an unbelievable 57degrees (f) under the clouds)
Madd wanted to know when we would have food in the backyard. (watermelon, strawberries, sweet tiny tomatoes, raspberries, cucumbers....)
Which put Trev in mind of Gardening...
...So he gladly cut back rose bushes, and catnip.The catnip is already greening!!

Most of our veggie garden was under snow yesterday. Today, there is only a piece about a foot wide and twelve feet long under snow. !!!
So Mama looked for strawberries.Oh, yes. They're there....

We found our first caterpillar.Evidently we interrupted him during his pooping time. Um... sorry 'bout that, little Friend.

We discovered the tulips. They were not showing themselves three days ago.

And we flipped (front flips)

and flopped

and flew
and blew
and are catching up and settling in and cooking and creating and getting ready for a popcorn-and-a-movie date with Brendan and Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

It's been a busy and glorious day Under the Sun (and clouds).... and this Mama has a feeling it's only the beginning...


  1. This post does my heart good as I sit here in the winter white of Maine.

    A caterpillar!!! Green buds..... sigh.

  2. Beautiful pics! I love the very fat caterpillar. Our trees, here in Ohio, are just starting to show a little budding too. Very exciting.....the birth of spring! Thanks for tagging me for the 6, 6 game. I posted it last night. Have a great day!


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