Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 19

Today has been all about dirt and juice.
And dirt as Juice.

(But before that...)We made fudge-cicles.
Madeleine is allergic to milk, so...We added ovaltine to chocolate silk to soy vanilla yougurt....
some we layered with more yougurt.
mmmm, the babes say.

We had a high temp of something like 42f or so.

you know...we were Outside.

Skating on our tiny pond
A little Friend came to visit for a while.
Shortly thereafter, Mama scooted off, and Daddy, babes, and Visitor did what they did. (not sure what that was. Prob'ly more of the same.)

Mama introduces the newest family member.
He (Gibson) is a Long Time Coming.

Let me just say what a joy it was to see these babes with this guitar!
Both of them picked it up, and just started strumming and singing right away. They had no reservations, no shyness, just... went to it. Like they had been born holding this instrument.
Making up songs as they went along.
It was awesome to see that!

We checked out the Eye-Clops game scope thingy. Plants, the owl pellet bones, the crystals in the making...
our lips, hands, clothing...

Madd investigated a bit with geo puzzles. (and gloves.)

We got out our seed shelves, flats, and cells.
And filled our cells with soil to make them ready for our seeds.
(The next part comes very, very soon.)

Right this minute it's Catch-up for Mama, Animal Armageddon for Trev, and Gibson Guitar for Madd.

An' it's time for Mama to join one or the other.
'Night, then.


  1. Oh, love guitars. I love having instruments in the house. We have drums, piano, guitar, percussion instruments, good microphone & amp. SO MUCH FUN.

    My son today said he needed a good guitar and a good teacher. "Mom, can you sign me up for rock star school?" he asked. Loverly.

  2. Oh, the Eye-Clops. We use ours all the time. Every home should have one.

    What a full day you had.

  3. They do look as if they have been holding guitars all along... very natural and at ease!

    Oooh I do want to try the Eye-clops thingy soon :0)

  4. You have had THE best last few days i see! Guitars are great. We have recently been on a keyboard kick Fun! How is the eye clops. We have been intrigued but was skeptical, do you dig it? I can't believe you are gearing up to plant again! We can't wait but can't put anything in the ground until after Mothers day, can you believe that. I really loved your last few days, outstanding. Really.-Kim

  5. Wow. Did you do all this in one day! Hmm. Maybe that is what is wrong with my unschooling. My son has been watching Scooby-Doo dvds all morning.

    But, in defense, he woke up in a lot of discomfort from new braces on Wednesday. So I plopped him in my comfy bed with ice chips and applesauce (and a fresh soft cookie from the oven).

    I've tagged your blog in a picture game (you have such great pictures on your blog!) ... come see!

  6. Valerie -
    Oh, you can pretty much fill every other waking moment that isn't listed with ScoobyDoo, Ben10, Secret Saturdays, every other Cartoon Network show, Clifford, Curious George, and computer games!! :)

  7. Ella has those shape things, isn't the caption gross? "Makes kids smarter and keeps them busy for hours!" That always makes me cringe. She does love them though...

  8. Brianna - lol.
    My husband and I were offended at that, too - and then with girlfriends tonight we were rolling our eyes.

    But they are fun. :)


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