Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16

You know those gushy sort of days...
The ones when nothing really special happens... but you just feel so happy, and think, "Wow!, I love my life!"?
:) Today I got to live one of those days.

We got out the water color paints, oil pastels, pencils, and water color pencils first thing this morning.Always fun, that.

I was digging into the library books this morning, and in a section of inertia found a simple enough experiment - take one boiled, and one raw egg. put one of them in a bowl (with round edges so you don't crack your raw egg against the side) and spin it. Briefly touch the egg with two fingers to stop it (very quickly). Then try the same thing with the other egg.
While the hard-boiled egg will stop spinning after you've stopped it, the raw egg will continue to spin (after you've paused it) because the (liquid) insides are still in motion! Pretty cool!

I then thought of the experiment I did as a demonstration in science class in fourth or fifth grade... You put a sharp knife part way into an apple, and then, with your hand wrapped in a towel (holding the knife and apple in front of you in the air) you hit the end of the knife, and the knife will slice through the apple. The apple stays where it is long enough to be sliced through when the knife is under the force of your striking hand.
My babes weren't too impressed with that one. I guess you have to suppose that it will just move the apple before you can be surprised by it cutting the apple. :) Ah well.

Many more investigations into the laws of Physics. Born by the babes' imaginations and desire to "see". (ie "What do you think will happen if I do this?" was the question asked of Self and Mama.)
Trev was after Zoo Tycoon Jurassic Park videoes today for a while.

Hot Wheels.
Narrating tales of Patagonia.Complete with evolution and the grand finale... a giant meteor hitting the earth. Two survived... for a while.
But a million years later?...
they're fossils.

The other one's story (after an hour of play and eventually separating into Two Different Worlds-- because "You're wrecking my fossils, Maddie!") went something like: fossils and dinosaurs jailed in rocks, eggs out of modeling clay and a nest, volcano blasted the egg and fired the egg and that was the end of the dinosuars. The End.

Backyard play for a while. Which meant filling up bird feeders, searching for signs of spring, trampoline jumping, -and running and stomping-
swingset climbing, and sloth imitating.

Lego Star Wars (the next intention is Yoda's Ghost. He has Anakin's and Obi Wan's.)

Eating snacks... ...on the floor... Puppy style. Puppies love apple sauce, you know.

Balancing Moon game. Six times or so.

Chocolates. (Chocolate is Maddie's style.)
"How many would you like?"
Which turned into a short adding and subtracting game, naturally.

Daddy's home from skiing now!

Which always (In -and PRE- season) means Jumping.

Madd teaches (and directs) Daddy: How To Build A Playground Out Of Mama's Couch Cushions
And Daddy gets scooted off to the store with a kiss and a list -
take back the movie (we finally found the case to Horton Hears A Who! -or Morton Who's a Who? as Maddie calls it)
get a new one - Night at the Museum (an all-time favorite)
and grab fried chicken and red vines at the market.
Mama will get down the hot-air-popper and pop the corn.

We're set.
A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day, to this Mama's thinking.

G'night, then.


  1. Oooh, you have things growing!?!?! Wow! We are getting like 8 inches of snow tomorrow. No growing. ;)

  2. Denise - not really.
    Mostly there's a few inches of snow.
    The green is parsley... it's the very first to show life.
    Only one of my roses has a bud on it.
    I need to get out there tomorrow and cut them back... I hate cutting them when there are buds making promises! It feels wrong. :/

  3. What a lovely day you all had. Can't wait to try the egg experiment tomorrow, thanks!

  4. Ha! My lounge looks exactly the same when all the cushions are pulled off, piled up, built up etc.

    Ah, night at the museum, has been ages since we had that out, should get it again soon me thinks.

  5. Oh wow, what a gorgeous day. Yes i love those days when you wake loving it all. I try to have lots of them. What sweet little ones you have...xx

  6. I love these days too and they happen quite often especially or not so specially in the winter.

    Do you have a camera on a string wrapped around your neck? :-)

  7. Looks like one of our days! And Night At the Museum is a fave here too.

  8. That WAS an awesome day! I need one of those! Chock full of great stuff! Can't beat the Balancing Moon, chocolate, couch cushion forts, and physics!!
    Signs of spring?!??!!?! Bare feet outside ? Amazing!!! Where on earth ARE you guys?!?! We won't see those signs for months!!

  9. It's not springy here yet.
    We're just watching for the very fist hint.

    Snow on the ground (most places) and today falling from the sky.

  10. Lilly-
    my camera is pretty much attached to me. Either carried in my left hand, or the strap is gripped at the bottom with my right.
    Me, babes, and camera. :)


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