Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10

Maddie has been captivated by Bugs for the last couple of days. Not just any Bugs, but this particular one.I have to admit.... it's pretty fun. Even when he runs into the walls, he just turns and keeps going. Possibly the greatest wind-up (or pull-chain, as it were) toy ever created.

We finally test drove the oven. For the first time. Sorry it took so long, Madd. (She got it from Santa for Christmas.)

We've cleaned.
Well, some one of us has.

We've read We Are All Born Free which is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures - by Amnesty International.
Which led to this (a snippet of the book).

I showed the babes a balancing game.
Trev and I played Guess Who? That was fun! His second question was "Is your animal a reptile?" Which wiped out all but two animals on the board! Because it was. :)

We watched George of the Jungle

and checked on our crystals
and investigated. Might seem strange to you that I would include a picture of Pencil Sharpener Play, but Madd stood here (on a stool) and played with it, turning, taking off the lid, studying, putting the lid on, twisting... for at least fifteen minutes. And then I gave her a pencil.

All that studious play distracted her from attention to the nearby crystals, and they got knocked over. Ah well. We'll make more.
What do you do then, but look at them under the microscope?

We drove (repelled) magnets across the floor
studied U.S. Presidents (in our own way)
and made blueberry muffins.
"Hey... I'm gonna go downstairs and grab the microscope so I can look at those crystals, are you interested?"
"Yeah," answers Little Son.
"Anything else you want me to grab while I'm down there?"
"Maybe those bugs. The ones in the cubes."
"Okay... I'll get all of 'em."
So we looked at crystals, the ant, scorpion, and flower bug.
A yummy dinner... er, takeout.... and we have a Popcorn And A Movie date... Horton Hears A Who.

Til next time.


  1. Maddie's new hair really brings out her face! She's darling.

    My husband wanted to get Hannah one of those easy bake ovens for Christmas. I bet Maddie has fun with it.

  2. I'm sure she will!
    I found a website the other day (accidentally) with hundreds of easy-bake recipes. :)

  3. What a great school day!

    I think it is a universal law that one *must* watch the item bake in the easy bake oven, isn't it? Too cute!

    And those muffins! Yum! They look delicious!

  4. What a wonderFULL day!

    I'm passing an award along to you, since you are one amazing mom, if you get a chance... pop on over, I've got muffins baking :)


  5. "We are Reset.
    Refreshed and renewed"

    And that is how I feel, after visiting your blog today.

    Thank you
    we will be trying out some of your art tutorials.


  6. Wow! What a list of great things. I get inspired for the times ahead when my little one is old enough for some of those activities.

    Easy baking - ha, I love it! I had one as a girl and it was very Holly-Hobby-ish. I LOVED it. What a great gift for her. Looks like it will provide lots of fun times.

  7. Ooh! I love that microscope, and the insect cubes. We've had a couple of "kids" microscopes and they weren't very good.
    Time to get a new one :-)

    How did you do the crystals?


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