Saturday, February 07, 2009

cell phone

So our kitchen phone's plug thing is broken, and it often falls out of the phone, hanging up on someone. (I need to buy a new curly cord.)

Yesterday Little Son hung back up the phone after calling his daddy.

The plug of course fell out.

He picked it back up. "Hey!! I've created a cell phone!"

So outrageously funny to me because it was telling and just our speed - so hillbilly are we that pulling out the plug makes it A Cell Phone.
Maybe we could make a specially-designed antenna for it out of duct tape.


  1. Ha, that's funny. I once heard a kid say to his gramma who was always misplacing her cordless phone that they should invent ones that tie to the base so they can't get lost.

    I like your 3 columns. They look great!


  2. lol!
    He should invent one. ;)

  3. Hey, I updated the blog ring on the new site but since I had to change servers the links on the Growing Naturally site won't update or work soon. (Tried to comment on the other blog but it wasn't set for anonymous so I couldn't.)



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