Monday, January 19, 2009

today and MLK

We actually managed a few things today besides The Project.

Lots of snuggling. Little HoneyPot isn't feeling so well.
And around lots of snuggles we also squeezed in a few computer games, lots of healthy veggies, lots of Diego videos, and best of all we watched MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech from August 28, 1963.
We loved that his speech was at Lincoln Memorial (Lincoln is a particular favorite of Trevelyn's).
We learned a bit about Rosa Parks.
We read our book Martin's Big Words which brought tears more than once to this Mama's eyes.
We talked about the importance of tomorrow, and how excited we are to see Barack Obama become our President.
We read the Oath of Office.
We learned that tomorrow our Obama will swear his Oath over the same bible as did Mr. Abraham Lincoln. The bible that has sat in the Library of Congress since 1861.

My, my.
We are excited, we are hopeful, we are humbled, and we are so Honored.

We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. We've got the sickies here too. Ugh. I've been waiting for tomorrow since our president declared war on Iraq. It's been a long, depressing time coming. Here's hoping there's better times ahead.

  2. Stephanie, such a beautiful day and such a special time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Very inspiring! We too are so excited and will be glued to the television today which is very unusual. I wish I could have fireworks in the front yard

  3. Isnt it wonderful to be able to share this moment with children?! Beautiful post. Thank you.

  4. Oh, we have been doing a lot of chatting and reading and looking forward to today. Something to remember, for sure.

  5. "We are excited, we are hopeful, we are humbled, and we are so Honored." Yes, indeed. That and so much more.

  6. Hope that you do not mind but I stumbled across your blog and loved your post. My Children and I are also having a sickie day and watched the ceramony all the way in Australia. It has been a changing day in history that not only effects America but also those in other countries. The now President Obama has managed something that has seemed impossible. A life changing day. Congratulations.

  7. We did some similar things for MLK day.

    So honored. Yes. And thank you for this post.


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