Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15

Though today had its Moments -oof- (you know the kind, right?) we're all feeling quite the thing, now. So this Mama is choosing Moving On. :)
And with that bit (which I choose to consider Full Disclosure), we'll do so....

This morning we made plans to go to our planetarium to see Dinosaurs 3D, Giants of the Patagonia. We are crazy about all dinosaur/sea monster/prehistory movies and documentaries around here, especially when they're in 3d! We had a few minutes before our movie to check some things out. So... you know. Of course we did.
On to it, then.
I love the reaching, ducking, and gasping that 3d's bring. Especially when demonstrated by my babes.

And then to the aviary.
And finally to the playground for some Wild and Free time before we head home.

It's 7:01, and Eric tells me that Baby, dinner is ready, so I'm off.
And, as it turns out, All Is Still Well.
G'night, then. :)


  1. What a fun place! Very cool.

    Good night!

  2. Sorry about the rough start.... been there....done that.... TODAY!!!

    I've only seen a 3D movie once and I'd LOVE to see another! They are such fun!! I'll bet a Dino one is pretty scary!! :D

    Hope you enjoyed dinner!!


  3. I'm still here, loafing around - getting ready to get tucked in with my book. :)

    They're actually not - there is a lot of science in them - paleontologist following, narrating, etc. :)
    Not like Jurassic Park. lol
    Though no one in this house is scared of that, either.
    We just sit around and gasp at their temerity for making a frilled-neck dilophosaurus spit poison.
    Sheesh. Everyone knows better than that. ;)

  4. we, too, are all about dinos lately. j recently saw the jurasic fight club series (or rather a few episodes of it) on the history channel and he can't really think about much else. he'd flip for that 3D dino movie.

    sounds like your day turned out alright.

  5. It looks like you had a lovely day.

    I used one of your ideas today when we were thinking of ways to feed our freezing birds. Thanks!

  6. Ohh sounds like a fun day. :-))

    Have fun today honey.

  7. Glad your day ended off right. looks like a fund day all in all. :)

  8. Ooh, we visited that aviary on one of our trips down to your neck of the woods - loved it! Those flamingos look cold. lol

  9. Glad the day took a turn for the better. :) I love the aviary pictures! Flamingos always make me smile a bit.

  10. Great pics! I love the ones in planetarium seats!

  11. I love the aviary (and that I'm in your area)! I hadn't thought to see it with my lil one in the winter. See my personal blog's post with the baby flamingo this summer! Annie from nofussfabulous


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