Sunday, January 04, 2009


How I love these!
Something hanging out the window just for the sake of beauty.
Beauty in the gathering... in the planning in the seeing.
You'll only need cold weather, beautiful bits of nature, a disposable (re-usable) plastic plate, and ribbon or string!

Get your supplies outside on your table.
You'll want to assemble your suncatcher where it can freeze, as moving it will disturb your design.

Pour the water into your plate first -3/4 of an inch or so, and lay your ribbon or string so that each end comes to at least the half-way part of the plate.

Lay your pinecones, berries, leaves and sticks the way you like.

Wait 'til it freezes then release it from the plate,
and hang it up where it pleases you.
The front side and the back side are both lovely.


  1. I love those!

    We made some about 2 weeks ago in muffin tins - but it snowed heavily while they froze, so they were cloudy, not clear. The boys added pine, berries, leaves and other well as glitter. We should try again on a non-snow day.

  2. You did!? How did I miss that!?!

  3. These are gorgeous, makes me wish it was winter - not really! we are having too much funny with summer!!! But this is a most brilliant idea ,

  4. Looks like so much fun gathering the natural materials..and they are beautiful!

  5. I didn't post about it. They are a bit cloudy-it snowed SO HARD while they were freezing. I have photos--have been contemplating posting them somewhere. Might put them up on flickr. ANd then try another batch! They didn'l look as cool as yours. :)

  6. Popped in and have loved reading so far:-) I will be attempting these and the ice blocks over the next couple of nights as it is due to stay frosty.Great ideasxx

  7. What a beautiful idea! Defiantly on my to do list.

  8. Love these! We are making some next week. In Arizona they will probably last an hour, but why should that stop us?

  9. We are going to have to try these. They look so nice hanging in your window.


  10. I love these. We did some a few weeks back. So much fun for the kids and so beautiful. We actually watched one of ours twist in the wind and finally fall crashing to the ground. It was fun and surprising to watch.


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