Saturday, January 24, 2009

saturday morning

Just before 10am our day looks like this:
Trev sleeps still
Maddie's learning graphing, patterns, and virtual building with pipes (pretty amazing!) and Mama is still on her laptop lollygaggin' and making lists in her head of the many, many things that Must Be Done Today like fixing the leaky bathroom faucet (handed over to dh in the name of "I don't have time to do it, so You do it"), laundry and laundry, sparklifying my kitchen (thanks goodness I just did behind and under my stove and fridge a few days ago), and clean, clean, clean for the rest of the house, play, laugh, learn, and discover with the babes...
All in the name of urgency because Glory of Glories, I have a new kitchen floor coming tomorrow (!!!) -
Have you seen my kitchen floor (those of you don't come over to visit)? No???
Ha!! That's because I do not take pictures of it!!
It's made of that damned peel and stick tile, and is 5 1/2 years old and is chipped and broken and hasn't been replaced because I want wood (we drop too many things on our floor for beautiful stone to be feasible) and I don't have a saw or a way of cutting wood -neither do I know how to put in a wood floor- and I never pay to have things like that done, just learn to do it myself, or have my Dad help me when he makes his yearly visit...
But my wonderful friend Sam has somehow finagled her husband (also my friend) Nate to spend a day or two of his life giving me my birthday present - a brand new Bamboo Wooden Kitchen Floor!
How do I rate?

So barring some unforeseen (and unfortunate) circumstance.... this is our life for the next two days.

I'll be mucho happy if tomorrow's Snapshot Sunday photos include sawdust-covered pizzas on the kitchen couter next to a few glasses of beer and my refridgerator and stove taking up my whole dang livingroom.

Wish me luck, friends!


  1. OH SO Jealous! Must see a picture.

  2. WOW lucky you!!! What a friend you have! You are very blessed. I want to see pictures so I can drool and be filled with jealousy, ha! Have fun!


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