Friday, January 23, 2009


So they've each had their turn in the bath.
Then Madd was back in again, while Trev and I played dice and geometry games.
Eventually, she got bored, and came to inform him that "Trev, you are invited to my Bath."
After a few more rounds of play with his Mama, he took her up on it.
As invariably happens, they get in each other's way. (Deep-sea diving and the fun of teasing by plugging air-holes in one's snorkel means a bit of discord.)
"If you don't stop, I'll kick you out of my Bath!"
"It's my bath..."
"Well", he thinks...."Just because it's my... yours.... Our bath, doesn't mean you can.... Mom! could you tell Maddie The Fruitcake that...."
He fades out and there's an awful lot of cackling and blowing water and spitting going on in there......

Wish it was always that easy.


  1. Maybe if all the world leaders conducted negotiations while nekkid in a tub of bubbly water, wearing snorkels, it would always be that easy!LOL!
    And there you have it. The answer to world peace.

  2. It certainly couldn't hurt, could it? :)


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