Thursday, January 01, 2009

Morning with Madeleine

The color wand is finally blending at the point of yellow and red. Green started almost immediately, but orange has taken a while. It's really quite lovely. Maybe it can be implemented as a special wand around here. When we need some sort of particularly bright and colorful magic. Hmmmm...

Among Her stirring:
"Here, Mom. This will make you laugh. How do a cookie dough run?"
"How do a cookie dough run?" inquiringly, then, "Hmmmm.... don't know. How do a cookie dough run?"
"He have feet!!"
There you have it. She makes up like ten a day. They're all equally hilarious, of course.
Added to the mix is her Secret Ingredient.
(Ha! I remembered Just In Time to take out a spoonful of that mix and put it in the freezer so that Maddie can cook it later in her Easy Bake that Santa brought. How smart am I?)

Pecan Pie Bars are something that suits a tea party Particularly Perfectly. So off we went to prepare for a party.

And now it's 11:49, and she's getting ready to go off on a big outdoor adventure with her Daddy and brother.
All is well.

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