Tuesday, January 27, 2009


make Warmer
make Snacks for the day
make Cleaners

make Lemonade
make Chewy Peanutbutter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

make Negotiations
make Messes
and make Clean again

make Taller
make Change
make Tidy
make Fun...

by baring one's toes

perusing prehistory books

traveling around the world (via JumpStart Around the World)

with yoyo's

make your sister and your mama Happy by reading to them

make Ready for daddy to get home

we were s'posed to top this list off with make Cupcakes, but Little Cupcake Herself is all tuckered out, and down for the night.

So that's prob'ly about it for us.

make it "'Til Tomorrow", then.


  1. How weird, we did the celery one today as well. Except, my celery is kind of on the old wilty side and it's not working. We tried a lettuce leaf too. next shopping run. Those chewy granola bars look awesome!-K

  2. lol - Mine's wilted, too!

  3. Those granola bars look so good. Care to share the recipe. :) We're going to have to try the celery thing too.

  4. My daughter loves to run around in her underpants too! What a fun day you had!

  5. Your home looks so cozy. You cannot tease us with those granola bars and NOT share the recipe! ;-P

    Do you have a link to the Jump Start thing?

  6. Fun day!

    We did celery this week too. We only had red coloring, but whaddayagonnado.

    Your snow has melted again? And warm enough to be out a little? Nice. :)

  7. Hey, man. it's only 6:50 am and now I'm already craving those yummy looking bars!!!
    Huz made Lo a pair of walking blocks for x-mas-fun!


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