Saturday, January 17, 2009


We were out of the house before ten o'clock this morning.
Now that may not seem very fancy to you, but for us-- being anywhere before 12:15 is Very Difficult. :)
To the grocery store!
Oh, wait - Trev needs boots.
And Maddie.
And a slinky, as he's been quite curious about a real metal one - not the half plastic-thing we have.
And oh yeah - I owe him an allowance. For last time, too.
And oof - there's that hefty fine at the library that we owe. (and can't borrow until we pay it off. it's that big.)
Can we go in here for jellybeans? Maddie picks out a Diego video and numbers game.
To the toy store - as Trev didn't find anything in the jellybean store to spend his allowance on. Turns out he wants Spore. Which is fifty bucks. We negotiated, and his Mama loaned him $30. I figured it was for a good cause. (I do feel terrible about this judgment - not for just anything would I loan him that much - but for something I viewed as "worthy", I will. I'm working on that judgment thing, and that All Things Are Educational.... I really am.)
And we picked up HyperDash - thanks sooooo much, Gorgeous! Looking forward to this.
And we found (to replace the software) Math 1-2! Yay! And another one with mazes. woohoo!
And we went to lunch, and we went to Barnes and Noble (and got a few things) and we went to the library and got a tall stack of books, tall stack of dvd's, and tall stack of computer software.

We're set!
When I wrote this post yesterday, at this point I wrote "You may not see us for a few days...."

...But then right after that friends knocked on the door, and said "Come play with us!!", so we gladly left behind our New, grabbed the wagon and Scoots, and in a short parade, we wandered to the park.
They're coming back today for play, dinner, and a tea party.

Life's juicy.


  1. I so want to play Spore myself! So very cool. :) The maze game software looks very cool!

  2. Great!!!!! Enjoy HyperDash!! It's exhausting!!! We're hardly up still... it has started to take me ages to get things done, I'm sort of in hibernation at the moment!!! In the spring and summer I'm up with the lark, running and getting out with the dogs... in the winter I hunker down and stay warm, conserving my energy!! ;D

  3. whew! Fun busy day! And I totally hear you on the library fine thing!! i wish I could pay by credit card online or over the phone-I always feel SO embarassed to go in and pay these huge fines. that's ADD for you...

  4. Hello...I love that, "ordinary life magic". Very nice and I would tend to agree with you. Life IS Juicy. Enjoy!

  5. A productive, fun day AND out of the house by 10am. Wow!
    I haven't had huge library fines recently, but it's not from want of trying *sigh*
    I even add the return dates to Google Calender!

  6. I think the library here has a wing in our honor. We have paid so many fines over the years. I am starting to think they should give me a punch card.


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