Friday, January 09, 2009

January 9

Early afternoon we met friends at the park. The usuals. :) These and these.
For sledding and sliding and chasing and pretend play.

After a couple of hours, it was time to get home to warm up. But first we wanted to leave our offerings of nuts that we had brought for whatever little animal friends live at the park. Though none could be seen...

Home, then. To make more little offerings for our bird friends that we know live in our backyard. And that like popcorn.

Grammy stopped by for a surprise visit.

And so she was invited to play in Madeleine's new dollhouse.

And was invited to tea.

And was invited downstairs to participate in a lively session of Music Making.

Grammy graciously accepted all invitations.

In the meantime....

Thisled to curiosity about and then wolverine research.

And now we've had dinner, and play, and sun and cold and tea and toast and now hopefully Quiet and Still.
It's 7:52, and All is Well.
G'night, then.

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  1. What lucky little animals to get such kind offerings. I am sure they loved them. Looks like you all had a wonderful day.


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