Sunday, January 04, 2009

January 4

This morning we brought in our ice blocks.
To play. woohoo!
'Course, they look beautiful, but have no flavor. So next time with koolaid. (Something we never ever have in this house.)
Trev built a city.(I know. [embarrassed grin] I know!)
Maddie built a little. But mostly just ate the blocks.

Madd fetched for herself my paper dolls.

Trev helped Daddy with the dishes. Unloading and loading the dishwasher. "Can I help?", he asked.

Making the grocery list (Trev and Maddie both). And learning how erasers work (Madd).

Chase games with Daddy. woot, woot!

Daddy reads.

Their Mama checked into the DNA business with microscopes. Turns out, what I saw was not DNA - as it wouldn't be visible to us. But I don't know what it was - as it was much much smaller than hair! Hmmm....

Bubbles. For a good couple of hours.Blowing bubbles. One way then another. Painting with bubbles. Attempting to freeze bubbles.
Which actually worked with the straw-blown bubbles. In the freezer, and even outside!
Now.... let's find out if we blow big bubbles and set them down outside if they'll freeze....

...We tried at several different temps (fahrenheit degrees) to freeze them outside - 14, then 12, then 3. They always freeze - but then they burst after they freeze. Hmmm.....
Well, we have a nice looong winter to figure this one out....

Now we have Magic School Bus Volcano for one and a Ben 10 marathon for the other.

And that will probably be about it tonight for us.


  1. Hmmm. Reminds me of Utah....
    I can imagine what their tongues and lips must have looked like!

    Ok! It's -10 today! We're going to head outside for 4 seconds and try the straw bubble thing! If only it was -30, THEN we could just throw cups of water off the deck and watch it turn to snow!

  2. so cool! :^D)

    oop! pun not intended! :^P

  3. wow...those ice blocks are really cool....we did those last year but they in no way shape or form were as cool as yours...we made pop-cicle paint sticks out of them...
    nice photography you do there....


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