Saturday, January 03, 2009

January 3

Today's been a fun day.
Lots of things that we haven't done in a while.
You know how it is.... one thing leads to another. :)

Things started slow for Trev, as he wasn't feeling well this morning.
Madeleine invited her Mama to play, and I was happy for the invitation.

Eventually Trev started feeling better, and was ready for something besides the tellie.

Since we've had so much fun learning about color and combinations, I thought that this project would be great fun for us today and tomorrow. (We'll show you the rest, then!)

There's another project in the works, too - we're making suncatchers!
We gathered pinecones and rosehips. We clipped flowers (unbelievably we still have a garden in front with lovely yellows. Amongst the snow.) and creeper berries. And we snipped evergreens and sage.
We gathered the ribbon, and set to work.
We'll show you what becomes of that tomorrow, too.

I think in a little while we're up for The Tale of Desperaux and tales of The Clone Wars.

And that will probably be about it for us.


  1. Nice day.

    We have been reading the Clone Wars a LOT recently too. ;) I'm checking out the Desperaux book - but I think I'm number 200 on hold at the library.

    Suncatchers -- ooh, sounds fun!


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