Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29

Trev is doing his best to earn money for the Prehistoric Park dvd collection - our vcr has decided to revolt, leaving him without this favored series. Could be due to stickies in its mechanisms, could be Just Because.
So. After his Mama and Daddy refused to let him mow the lawn for money, he and we are coming up with different ways for him to earn extra money. (An advance on his allowance is out, as he owes me $30 still.)
Since Thursday mornings at 5 or 6 am always means "Damn!" and leaping out of bed for his Daddy, Trev and he have come to an agreement propitious to all.The Mama of the house raised a single eyebrow over the exorbitant payment of $2 for each container (recycle and garbage), but it thrills the one, and is considered money well spent to the other, so who am I to argue?

Trev said this morning that his list for the day contained a nature walk, a bike ride, and a walk to the park. His Mama said "And?"
He managed to come up with one more - paper airplanes.
My thoughts went something like "paper airplanes... paper hats... paper boats!"
So we made paper hats out of newspaper (so we could actually wear them), and then made hats out of white paper... and into boats... and planes!

And after the painting and christening, we took them (with friends) to the park to launch.
In the pond, and down The Mighty River.

After chasing dogs and tree climbing and swinging and sliding and running and rolling down snowy hills we eventually all made it back to our house for an evening of Togetherness.
And much chocolate.
chocolate frosting


bathtub play and Spore and ScoobyDoo play and ScoobyDoo books and ScoobyDoo movies and running and chocolate truffles and Strawberry Shortcake shows and play and play.

and the end?
that would be warm homemade brownies topped with vanilla icecream.

It's very, very late, our friends have gone now, one of us sleeps and the others are settling in.
We're looking forward to another day filled with friends tomorrow.
'Til then.


  1. Wow! I loved the boat out there cruising with the ducks, GREAT!

  2. Ooooh we made paper boats the other day too! But they didn't get much further than the bathtub.

    But I didn't think to make hats. Hmmm....hats....


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