Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 28

A day that passed by in the usual sort of way...

skating across floors by little feet stuck to books


shouting (in glee, mostly)


eating snow

looking at tiny scabs er, interesting things under the microscope. including sugar, pepper, cheek cells dyed with methylane blue -how cool it is to see the cell, and to see its nucleus!-, and hair with glue and glitter in it (have you noticed the glitter in the front of Maddie's hair over the last month or so? It's glass glitter glue. Doesn't come out. Well - only after a long, long time.)

we checked out our celery - it turned out still, even though twas a bit wilted. we trimmed a bit of leaf off of the top of our stalk, and under the microscope saw the veins traveling through the leaves - with the red dye.
We also trimmed a bit off of the bottom so that we could see how the colored water was traveling through our stalk.very interesting.

we played

and cleaned

and made our cupcakes (decorating comes today).twas a pretty quiet day.


  1. You have a lite brite! I loved those as a kid and want one now! Ooh, how fun. My kids would love it I think, they love playing with flashlights.

  2. Your days always sound so peaceful!!! :D

  3. Cool cell!! I >LOVE dinking with microscopes!
    Light Brite! Outta site!
    And hide and seek was always my fav. Especially the outdoor kind that involved every kid on the block!

  4. it sounds so peaceful and simple..... lovely.


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