Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22

First thing Madeleine had to do some figuring - how to make the pieces go over the moon. She was having difficulty, so Mama showed how to support her barrels at the bottom.

We got out the extra light modeling clay (the one-time use stuff) and the playdough tools. Turtles, humming bird, and a rock were made... then painted when they started to dry out.Next time we'll use regular homemade playdough (sans color) so that we can make big projects and paint them.

Moon sand.
Then we played The Allowance Game (it's a new thing in our house). Which took much longer than it should have.But it was more joyful that way. (A good game, by the way. "You receive $2.50 for babsitting", "Pay a library fine of 60c and lose a turn," that sort of thing. A great way to see money spent, learn to count it, and concepts of earning it. The first player to save $20 wins. We actually finished the game... Mama won!)

Trevelyn has completed another level on Lego Star Wars - has recieved Anakin's Ghost- so he is thrilled and renewed with this New Development.

The making and passing of Love Notes. (A great idea we got from our friend Julie.)

Jumping over. Everything.

For a bikeride, then. To the neighborhood playground. And then over to the pond to collect pinecones along the way, to say hullo to the ducks and geese, and to see if we can spot any of the fish. (Nope.) Back to the snow fort. And down past home (and Up then down again, and Up then down again), and to the church to finish a bikeride.

To home! To home!
Where we cut open a kiwano (a new experience for us). Maddie ate it. The whole thing. Well, not the spiky sea-urchin-looking peel. But the spilled bit off the table, too.
And she came looking for still more when it was gone. (By the way, while I was busy cutting and trying to figure out how to eat the thing, Maddie just took the other half and preceeded to eat it just as the guy at EHow showed. She knew, evidently. I'm just sayin'.)

Watching Rudolph for one while playing Spore for another.

Moon sand is up again. Castle building, this time. And talk of what sewers need. (How this relates to Sand, I do not know.)

As much as Mama is ready to have a go at Round Two solo (Daddy's working extra long hours today), it seems the babes are settling.
So I'll just cook their dinner, and happily settle in with my book, then.


  1. Is that moon sand worth it? I've seen it a lot, but wasn't sure how cool it was in action.

    I love the photo of Maddie riding home with the little pinecones sticking up out of her basket.

  2. Interesting fruit! I will have to see if we can find one!

  3. Sarah - I have mixed feelings about it. If you pack into the tools, you can't get it out easily.
    It feels cool... the texture is really soft and interesting.
    With water isn't a good idea.
    I've never understood why they show three different colors on television or their pictures--obviously the colors are not easily separated once combined!, so we've never bothered with any of the colors.
    I think mine prefer the downstairs real sand table, where they can freely add water and make ponds for dinosaurs and crabs.
    Maybe if we had a successful building with it, I'd rave about it more. As it stands, I believe all of our tools are frozen outside. :(


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