Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21

Madeleine had had Diego videos, mazes, and Pooh Preschool before her brother even woke up.

Trevelyn read to Maddie and I his new books - Piggy and Dad Play. We love these books. I know I say that every time we read them - but we do! They're short and fun... very entertaining! The endings are nearly always a surprise, and we always laugh. I highly recommend the series.

Scooby Doo movie.

Batman pretend play outside.


JumpStart 2nd Grade.

Math games with gumballs and math dice (we played simple subtraction and addition games. If Trev miscalculated, he had to pay up according to his miscalculation. If he got it right - I paid him. He won.)(let me just say, here... check with Friends for treasures such as these! Chances are that someone you know bought sixty fancy die, and only wanted or needed fifteen - offer to trade four ounces of iron filings for ten die -ces- :), I'm convinced that most homeschoolers have an abundance of something or other taking up space in one of their cabinets and would be happy to share, and thrilled to trade!)

then Cuisenaire rods


and Back to JumpStart.

On to Braving Stormy Seas and Looking Death in the Eye (which means trying not to get hurt or konked while your little sister makes waves and jumps around while you're snorkeling in the bath and then plugs up your air hole when you're sixty-five feet under).
And then finally surfacing -sputtering and gasping- and calling your sister a "No-Good Shipwreck". lol

Off to clean Little Honeypot's room so we can do a little Easy Bakin' in a tidy kitchen.

"Mom, how tall us are?"

Now I guess we're all pursuing our favorite individual pastimes - a book, a cuddle with Daddy, a favorite show, etc...

We're gettin' tired and settling in.
All Is Well, then.


  1. We were just reading Piggy and Dad books last night! We LOVE all of the Brand New Reader books. JBug's fav's right now are the cat and mouse ones.
    And yes, I have a closet FULL (and then some) of stuff I would LOVE to trade. Whatcha need?

  2. Fun day!

    We have been slowly collecting goodies as we go. This week we found gram cubes which are neat for measurement, fractions, weight, and sticking together to make aliens. :)

    The dice look like a great find!


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