Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11

Painting while watching Scooby Doo original mysteries.
Soon we had built a nice tall stack of books by pulling them from various shelves in various rooms.
We started by learning about animal friends - Watch Me Grow: Butterfly, Big Tracks, Little Tracks, The Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor, and Going to Sleep On the Farm.
(All wonderful books.)

Castle play. With Scooby Doo.
Star Wars play.
Which inconveniently (but humorously to the Mama) ran into each other.
"Maddie! Scooby Doo Castle and Star Wars do not mix!"
She was rolling The Mystery Machine. "But I need to go that way! North!" (she pointed south) To the Museum States!!" Which I take it to mean is a combination of the United States (where we certainly live) and the museum. lol

"Mom, how long big my mouth is?"
"And my head?""And my hair?"

Building with shapes.
Independent Bike Riding.

Wooden blocks.

Bike riding with (an ill) Daddy.

Rasslin'. Playin'. Loving.

Then it was time to visit friends that were waiting for their company.

Upon arriving back home we thought we could have popcorn and a movie, and watch A Wrinkle In Time...... turns out the babes had other plans - big plans - a Garfield movie was on, instead. woohoo!

Ah well.
Today we're up for skiing and maybe some wildlife spotting.
We'll see you tonight.


  1. I found your blog by way of a link posted on the blog Walk Slowly, Live Wildly - and I love it! Your pictures are wonderful. I also love all the awesome things your kids do - there are some great ideas here that I'll have try out with mine.

  2. Thanks so much, Rachel!
    I really appreciate it!

  3. Going to sleep on the farm has the most wonderfully rich illustrations, doesn't it? Loved your full of joy day!-k

  4. It's a beautiful book. I love it very much.
    And thanks!

  5. Just found your blog via Crafty Crow and really love it. That sounds like a great day for your kids.
    Where did you get the helicopter shape-building template from? Did you make it, download it or buy it?

  6. Hi Liz, thanks so much!
    I got a set of them from Discount School Supply - the exact item is This.
    One of my favorite places for supplies! The wooden shapes set that we play geometry games with is from them, too - and the shapes fit these cards.


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