Thursday, January 01, 2009

January 1, 2009

This afternoon the babes and Eric headed outside for a couple of hours of noisy, action-filled play. whoof. It was much needed, I think.
But first this - one of my very favorite things in the name of Mommyhood.

Since the snow has melted some, I pointed out to Trev when they got back that he could check out the front yard with his metal detector (that Santa brought). He was enthusiastic about it for a few seconds. :)
Maddie, too.

More play with the winter scene we made.
Since we've had rubbing alcohol chilling in the freezer for a couple of days in preparation for our DNA extraction, we sat down on the couch and read some in our book, and learned about cells and nuclei and what exactly the experiment entails.
We'll be happy to share the details with you!

After lunch and seeing to our own needs for a little while... which for one.... learning to play the Harmonica for another...... Looney Tunes for another.... and off to work for the last one.....

.... there was trumpet blasting. Which looked alot like singing doodoodoo to the tune of "Stars and Stripes Forever" through a couple of empty wrapping paper tubes.
Then we (Maddie and I) had a bit of fun with it by sneaking up on Trev while he was watching tv and giving him our best "blast" while trying not to laugh. Which was great fun.

"Are either of these plants edible?"
"Uh.... no. I'm not sure." I scanned my head for the list from a few weeks ago - the leaves that we had in our gardens that were edible....
"I want some rosehips."
"They're outside, go get them."
Comes back in.
"How was it?"
"Lots of people drink rosehip tea."
"I think I need some sage!"

Roadrunner play. Meepmeep. (Courtesy of Cartoon Network and Looney Tunes marathon.)

Off to our StarWars The Clone Wars book.
And then Trev read to Maddie and I.
And we read a bit of Desperaux.

DNA Extraction. Which was unbelievably awesome. The best experiment we've ever done, I think. (The babes are with me on this.)

While that was going on -as if it wasn't enough and Mama didn't almost add Cumin to the soup instead of Celery Salt- Trev made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. (It was that sage.... can't pick sage without wanting to make Chicken Noodle Soup.)

We tucked ourselves in together in the bed, and read a bit more of Desperaux.

And now it's very late and we're all thoroughly satisfied and content with how we've spent our first day of 2009.

That's it for us tonight, then.
Cheers for a happy year!


  1. Busy and fun!

    My husband is still wandering around the kitchen behind me talking about DNA. And how they first discovered DNA. And imaging. And sequencing. Ha ha hhaaa. I think you got the dad hooked. ;P

  2. Love his bare feet on the lawn! It's just not the same when you're a kid.

  3. Sarah -
    A True Confession:
    I mostly have bare feet outside in the snow. :)


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