Friday, January 30, 2009


After spending the morning dawdling and then frantically tidying up and making ready for a big day with friends (these and these) we eventually got out of the house and to our meeting place.
Outside! Outside!
Lots of room for running and roaming and adventuring and exploring.
We espied tracks, and did our best to determine to whom they belonged.
We dared venturing onto frozen ponds.
We tunneled through the earth.
We bravely forged perilous paths and dangerous bridges.
After such derring-do's we felt strongly the need for replenishment -and a bit of play in the name of spinning, sliding, swinging, climbing equipment, so we grabbed a quick meal and met again at a different sort of park to spend the rest of the afternoon.

We smiled and spun and ran and chased ducks and climbed and imagined and ate and pretended and connected.

We also went exploring.
And saw many Strange And Wondrous Things....

And collected interesting sorts of seedpods and birch cones

and climbed trees to prove our sloth-like abilities

and braved icy ponds (too far! too far!)

and broke ice to share with and invite little friends to play

We laughed (and some of us cried) and shared and ran and eventually slowed and sat,
and inevitably we got cold and were ready to say goodnight to the sun.
We came home with our friends, and did some of these things all over again.

And it was all enough.
For today.

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  1. Ooooh! I so LOVE days like this!!! BTW, your big puppy and my daughter share a name!! Cute, huh??

    And, thanks for the feature on Growing Naturally... very cool! I've never been featured before! I feel famous! :)


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