Monday, January 05, 2009

friends! with Flash (of the Glitzy variety)....

It was a particularly bright and sparkly day today.
Thanks to our Friends (...the Usuals - Aubrey, Chris, Soleil and Xavier, and

Julie, Kyan, and Damek).

Big kisses and loves to all of you.

(Have something nearby to soothe your eyes, for you're about to see a whooooole buncha fast-movin' Life-In-Action shots.)
Where to?, you ask?
The skating rink! (Blessedness - we practically had the whole glorious place to ourselves!)

Haaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaay! Moooom! pamp-pow....

And there Really Was dancin'.... and singin'..... and movin' to the groovin'....

We were wild.
And free.
And loud.
And friendly.
And rambunctious.
And we didn't come home 'til supper time.

Life is so good.


  1. Oh, a nice skating rink. Super cool!!!! Love those colorful shots. SOunds like a great day!

    I need a new town.

  2. It's a fabulous place.

    You can move here.
    We're going to our wonderful children's museum today. You can come with.

  3. I think we would live in that place. It looks like so much fun!-K

  4. Such a fun looking day!

  5. :) Now wouldn't that be fun.

    For a city this size, our museums are not good - about 70 miles or so to the good ones, which is too much for most days. I'm a little winter stir crazy today with everything iced up so thickly and yet no snow (it melted as the ice fell) and lots of gray. Nice to see all the colors and fun!

  6. Denise and K-
    I think I said to my friends Julie and Aubrey several times - I"m loving this color!!
    Not only was it the same style as when I was a kid in the seventies, it was so bright, and disco-ey, and lively.... I was so happy.
    I think I was giddy with all the color! :)
    (and the 10cent arcade games.)

  7. A skating rink??!!! Oh my, I may have to move there as well. Brings back memories of Junior High School (when you're too old for dolls, but not old enough to date) and you go to the rink because that's the coolest place to go when you're 12.

    Love those pictures, disco balls rule.

  8. How fun...I _loved_ to skate when I was a kid..this would be a fun thing to go do for me and my kids too...forgot about this....perfect fun to play away the long winter days....

  9. THAT looks like a fun day! My kids would have been in high-stimulation-heaven! The children's museum looks great too.

    So fun!


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