Monday, January 19, 2009


well, mostly. baseboards, still. and a couple of spots i missed while touching up.

The palette/inspiration:



  1. It looks so nice. Love those pictures too.

  2. Wow...that looks so good. I remember when Robyn did that in the girls room at her old house. I've kept it in mind because i intend to do it some day.....when we finally buy.
    My problem is, I so lack the talent in the painting department. Maybe I'll buy you a ticket to Maine some day.
    Great job, and I love the feels good to my eyes to see them together.

  3. KimK: Nice to see you!!!
    Love you and miss you.
    I know! I loved it so much and remembered it too, and have always meant to do Trev's room since then. I just wasn't sure what colors would suit him.
    Then a few months ago when I finally decorated -sans paint- I saw common colors, and knew what my palette would be! Most of them I even had.
    I have no talent in this department! Nor do I really enjoy painting! So hire Rob. :)

    Sara - thanks!

  4. I love the "woven" look of your painting. My son would love the pictures. He's a huge fan of the Dinotopia books.

  5. I love this room. You did a fantastic job!!!

  6. That looks so awesome! Great job!-K

  7. Thanks guys!
    Trev says he likes it, so that's good enough for me!

  8. Oh, I like that. You did a great job with the weaving in and out and color work...nothing is too much the same, but yet in the same depth of field. Love it!

  9. it looks great! is it manly enough for trev?

  10. Looks awesome! I really like those dinosaur posters. I wonder if my girlies will ever want dinosaurs in their rooms...all they want is PINK!


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