Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24

Books, books, and books. So many books that Mama went from cleaning/iced tea/enthusiastic whooooo to oof... I wanna take a nap.

Trev made a lovenote for his Daddy. We're collecting them.
"Mom, I want a wallet. A Gril (girl) wallet. A Maddie wallet."
"You want a wallet?" I asked, because I wasn't sure that's what she was saying.
"Yeah, so I can drive."
Aaaah. Now that doesn't surprise me.

jammin' with the harmonica

gettin' fancy with Mr. Potato Head

six or seven games of Ned's Head...Madeleine cheats.
kzzzzzzzing with the kazoo

playing a few games of Balancing Moon***


and Friends just left - bamboo is out, but a lovely (truly!) oak laminate has taken its place, and I am equally satisfied and happy with the substitution. (maybe dh will get his way, and we'll have stone in a few years? he doesn't drop plates and glasses like I do....)
Trev says its alright with him as long as he can slip on a banana peel on it.
Fair enough.

This day has exhausted me and I'm mad at Annabelle - I tried three times to get her to come to me so's I could wash her feet with a rag and water so she could come inside.... after hmmphing and coming back in I went out a fourth time to try to reason/cajole/shout at her and made an ass out of myself (the shouting part) and finally got her to come to me so I could wash her muddy Giant Feet and forelegs only to wash them to have her tear off through the mud Again!, and I took vengeance by telling her Fine! She could stay outside for The Whole Night.... I'm a terrible Mama and she is a Naughty Unschooled Dog and damn it I'm going to bed so's I can get up very early to try to get things done that I didn't get done today because I was too busy playing with and reading to the babes and then visiting with friends to make ready for tomorrow.
As usual.

So Goodnight, Sirrah!
(I do love drama, sometimes.


  1. Lol! Naughty dog, off having fun when you want to go to bed ;-)

    I love the love notes - made out of hearts. My boys would love that. :-)

  2. I am loving the frog and piggy ones! I hope your new flooring will be all you want it to be. As long as your neighbors realize you are yelling at the dog and not your kiddos I think you are okay. LOL

  3. My husband practically breaks his jaw from yawning any time he reads more than two or so books aloud. He's snoring over the kids as they yell HEY DAD, TURN THE PAGE! ;)


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