Wednesday, January 07, 2009

at home

We had planned that this was going to be our only "at home" day this week - so all of our favorite (or must do) things to do at home were on the list today.

Trev started out with a virtual dig.

Then checked out the National Museum of Natural History's virtual tour.

And of course we had to check for more dinosaur sites, to see if we could find anything new and cool.

Playdough play! (homemade)

Koolaid for popsicles (made by Trevelyn)


We down-loaded spore's Creature Creator.

Soon enough we had all settled in to whatever pleased us most...

Mama on the couch reading, Maddie playing beside, over, under, and on top of me, Trev watching his shows on the tellie.

Not exciting. But lovely none-the-less.

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