Monday, January 12, 2009

7988 Feet

Up in the sky.

Just a few minutes away from home.

After we were done playing at the ski resort, we stopped a couple of times to admire our world.

And to love it just a bit more.
An' it was enough.
For today.


  1. beauty!
    i love the photo of your daughter skiing down the hill. the smile on her face is priceless. pure joy and exhileration. love it!

  2. hi! i'm over from sara's blog. i love your popcorn bird feeders. we are sooooo doing that tomorrow!

  3. What a delightful day! Your children look as if they had the time of their lives.

  4. I love these pictures! How wonderful it must be to live SO close to much beauty! Your kids are so fortunate, I keep telling my husband that once the kids are old enough to snowboard- we'll be gone on good powder days :)

  5. What open joy on that little sweetie's face as she zips down the hill! What fun! Where in the world ARE you? My in-laws are in Colorado, which almost makes it worth having them (hee hee). But you're pictures are SO much nicer than any wintertime pictures from Chicago can be (esp. this winter).

    Looks like a blast!

  6. We're in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    "The Greatest Snow On Earth". :)
    Not boasting, but really - people from all over the world agree.

  7. steph, i can't hold it in've got to get an account on flickr and share your amazing pictures with all of us in flickrland. Your pics are amazing, as are your adventures. :)

  8. Sigh. Lovely! My sons keep asking if we can move somewhere with mountains that they can ski/snowboard and isn't so cold like here ... where they can still go outside every single day of the year (we are wayyyyyyy below zero this week). My husband said sure, as long as there is also a bobsled track.

    Ahem. ;P

  9. Denise - 'course we have one. :)
    We had the olympics here a few years back.
    I'll be waiting for you.

  10. How cool! Literally. Loved the mountain shot and Maddie. Awesome!

  11. I know! My husband keeps joking about Calgary, Lake Placid...and Park City. Vancouver now has one too...orrrrr, Europe (my husbands family is from Germany, big bobsledding). :)

  12. We went skiing ourselves, yesturday, and had a blast! glad you all enjoyed it, too! Kiddos are so cute when they are first learning!

  13. Gorgeous pictures! I'll bet the kids (and parents) had a blast!


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